Who is Manda?

An ordinary gal in love with an extraordinary God.

I am wife, mom, author, speaker, pastor, ministerial student, and teacher.

My hubby, Jason and I met in high school biology class. In August of 1990 at 20 we were married and expecting. We have experienced the joys, challenges and doldrums of marriage. My hubby has always been the spiritual leader of our family with me just going along, begrudgingly mostly. It wasn’t until I allowed myself to feel worthy of a personal, intimate relationship with Christ did our marriage start to flourish. Today we still experience the up’s and down’s of marriage, Christ is now the center of our marriage, making the up’s rewarding and the down’s shorter-lived.

I’m mom to daughter Melanie, 27 and son JJ, 25. Most of their lives I wasn’t emotionally present, the brokenness of my past prevented me from being the mom they needed. God’s restoration and transformation of my story helped me recognize my many mistakes and I apologized. Loving the opportunity to build new relationships with them today.

Friendship and being a friend is a extremely new concept to me. Intentionally I alienated myself from the world. Feeling unworthy, uneducated and incapable of being a friend God has brought alongside me amazing men and women to teach, support and guide me. Rewarding and fantastic relationships are being developed and nurtured, I’m beyond thankful.

Becoming an author was not my childhood dream, never in a million years did I believe I would write enough words to fill a book. However, my journey from the depths of depression and brokenness, developing into the beautiful woman God intended me to be, became important to share. God’s grace and unconditional love brought me to life again. Finding joy in writing words is an impactful part of my journey and my next writing project is in creation.

Speaking is one of my God-given natural gifts. All my childhood it was a struggle to read, in order to make up for my deficits I asked lots of questions, which challenged my teachers, leading to my inquisitive and talkative nature being crushed. Through my journey I rediscovered the the gift I was meant to shine. Sharing my stories; From Broken to Beautiful, Forgiving the Unforgivable, Chasing Expectations, For a Time Like Now, and more importantly sharing God’s word have become my profound passion.

My learning challenges caused me not to pursue education past high school, pursuing a tougher path marriage and children. Through my journey God has been slowly preparing me for more than I felt equipped to handle. Encouraged by several mentors to consider going back to school, plus feeling a very strong call to ministry, I actively pursued options. Filled with excitement for the first time about attending school, I enrolled in the CROSS Adult Education Training Program through Oklahoma Wesleyan University and the Wesleyan Denomination. Currently on course to become a licensed Pastor Summer of 2017, with Ordination in the Summer of 2020.

Teachers and I never had a successful understanding of each other on top of that both my parents were educators. Never did I think I would ever be capable or qualified to teach on any topic. God has revealed the gift of teaching His word in a genuine, easily understood, applicable way to everyday life. Reading, experiencing and applying God’s word to daily life has created an intense desire in me to teach others how to create their own experiences with God’s word.

My identity in Christ continues to be revealed and realized. I am honored, humbled and excited to walk the path God is laying out before me.